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Act now to have a better tomorrow and make every moment an opportunity to learn

JC Gavijan, Star Green Village Calauan, Philippines

Hello everyone!

I'am JC GAVIJAN from Calauan laguna former Youth of Life Project 4 Youth from Eco-Construction program year 2016-17 part of the pioneer team who builds Green Village in Makati Vill. I joined LP4Y because I want to continue my study after a short time and to get a job. In LP4Y I trained practically to develop my skills and boost my confidence to work on my professional integration. It helps me to see clearly my path in the professional field.

I've been working in Decathlon Philippines for almost 4 years. Here we take decisions in our job on a daily basis freely and act as business owners handling a big department of different products of sports stuff. I got promoted after 3 years from Sport Player to a Sport Leader these experiences built my character and gave me more confidence in my actions. The main barrier for us is the pandemic; it has a big effect on individuals limiting our movements. For me it was a challenge both personal to my plan and professional. We need to adapt in every situation and be responsive in order to save our futures. For every youth who are struggling today because of this storm.

Act now to have a better tomorrow and make every moment an opportunity to learn. LP4Y organization, our coaches and the Stars Club will help you with your professional integration. Be transparent to them in your decision and plans. I'm very optimistic that they will guide you on day 1 until you will succeed in your life. I am very grateful to share my words to everyone.


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