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3 advises for the Youth

Olivier Pauchard

General Manager of Belgo

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Mr Olivier Pauchard Mr Phạm Minh Khang Ms Trương Hải Yến

I am Olivier PAUCHARD, the General Manager of Belgo – The Belgian Brewery so concretely in charge of all F&B operations in our 2 Belgian gastropubs located in district 1 & district 3.

Our mission at Belgo is to celebrate and share the Belgian culture, beers and cuisine. We want to create memories for our guests and ourselves, elevate the standards in the restaurant industry but also develop a secure and ideal work environment for all our employees. We partner with LP4Y since 2017 as we shared the same goal: create a social impact!

As a partner, we had the pleasure to welcome LP4Y organization quite a few times in Belgo through different projects (internship, role play, interview’s preparation) and it actually kindles some Youth’s hospitality interests.

Several Youth passed by our company over the years in order to learn about the F&B industry and all of them were motivated and dedicated to the company.

Miss Yen and mister Khanh are now among my key employees in Belgo and this wouldn’t have been possible without a good preparation in the LP4Y center.

Should I give 3 advises for the Youth that are now building their professional career, I’ll say:

1) It’s important that you love what you do:

Be invested, be present and be the best you can be

2) Failure isn’t a bad thing

If you learn from it and continue to move forward, it can lead to great things

3) You need to want it

Entrepreneurship, along with many things in life, can be hard. If you really want it then you have to fight for it.

We are not only here today to say goodbye LP4Y but also to say a big “THANKS”.

Thanks for putting on our road all the Youth you welcomed in your center.

Thanks for what you brought to them and what you brought to us as well.

Being an actor of the organization’s development was a memorable experience and I couldn’t be more satisfied knowing that your involvement has positively impacted the Youth lives.



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