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Shared values and transparency make the best partnerships

Anaëlle Azoulay,

co-founder of Azickia Foundation

AZICKIA FOUNDATION is a new partner of LP4Y. Anaëlle Azoulay, co-founder, explains the reasons she chose to support the Youth from LPC Payatas.

Azickia is a young French foundation – set up as a Fonds de dotation in France in 2019 – with a mission to reduce inequalities in the world, to strengthen social cohesion, and to promote exchange and solidarity. We have chosen to support 3 UN Sustainable Development Goals: access to good health and well-being, access to quality education and gender equality. Thanks to our Foundation and our online magazine, we finance projects with a strong social impact and highlight the many solutions and changemakers addressing our world’s biggest social issues.

Through our foundation, we support projects that share our values and ambitions, with a high social impact and an empowerment approach, to create sustainable change.

We launched our first Call for Projects early this year and received a lot of applications, more than we expected ! It was a very tough choice for us as if we could have, we would have loved to support as many projects as possible. For this year, we chose four very different projects, each focusing on one or more of the three Sustainable Development Goals we chose to support and with an impact in various countries around the world. Each of these four projects takes an innovative approach to solidarity, with the ambition to enable each and everyone to master their destiny and shape their own future.

LP4Y and the more specific project we chose to support with them in Payatas, Philippines, was one of the four projects we selected. We have many selection criteria but the most important one relates to this essential notion of empowerment. LP4Y applied to receive funding for one specific project – PayataSport - located in the Philippines and dedicated to the inclusion of Young women and mothers living in poverty. It was clear that the main mission of this project was to enable these Young women to get lifted out of poverty notably through education and training, but more importantly through a holistic approach to the person and its needs. The important role given to entrepreneurship throughout the whole LP4Y pedagogy was also of interest to us as our foundation is also quite new and we believe it is essential to make room for everyone's creativity, ambition and life goals. Moreover, the discussions and phone interview I had with the LP4Y team was very honest and transparent whether it was about their social mission and goals or the difficulties that they had recently faced with COVID-19. This honest conversation and the team’s invitation to the LP4Y General Assembly all the more confirmed the strong commitment of the whole community and people working for and with LP4Y.

Lastly, at Azickia, we are also developing our online « solutions magazine ». Each week, we publish insightful and inspiring articles on health, education and gender equality. These Stories are written by and for committed people, always addressed from a solutions perspective with the aim to help better understand these important social issues, to encourage tolerance, inspire action and improve the world we live in.

We are therefore very excited to collaborate with LP4Y to support this reintegration project for Young women in Payatas as well as spread a wider hopeful message through future collaborative Stories that we will work on together with each project we selected. Our new website will also be live in a few days and will enable anyone interested in these four projects including LP4Y to make a direct donation.


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