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My story and my encounter with LP4Y

Leuza Khan, Ecosystem Developer in TDC Dhaka, tells us more about her LP4Y journey as a Catalyst

Leuza Khan, Ecosystem Developer, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Hello everyone,

I am Leuza Khan from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I started my mission in LP4Y as a Community Mobilizer and now as Ecosystem Developer, working with the Partnership & Fundraising team and I was a full time coach for 1 month as well.

I completed my Honors and Master's degree from one well known institution from Dhaka, Bangladesh. In my early age I wanted to be a writer. I always find a connection from heart to pen. From my passion and my goal in life I managed to work in a very well known publisher company in our country. They published more than 100 of my articles through their website professionally. Some of the publishers (well established newspapers) also published some of my fine poetry and articles. I am very very grateful to my surrounding people who supported me a lot.

I always loved to empower women. When I heard that LP4Y matched my thoughts, it clicked in my mind that I should jump on this mission as fast as I can. In The beginning of my mission I was trying to hear all of the stories from the most excluded women from our society. In fact I was also one victim of domestic violence from my husband (lately I separated from him). I listened, I understood, I relate and cried then I realized that LP4Y is the best of the best for the excluded women from Bangladesh.

LP4Y is the safest place for me I must say. Because nowadays my colleagues are my biggest supporters and they understand me very well. I spend most of the time with them. LP4Y changed my life gradually.

If you are being badly beaten or face any kind of violence people in a country like Bangladesh, people will still blame the victim. If you are dying for being badly beaten the society will still remain quiet but if you raise your voice against or decide to live alone, they will not be ashamed for pointing fingers at you. It's a fact! It is the hardest job to be a single mother and do all the responsibilities for the child alone in a society like Bangladesh, people are so conservative and judgmental. If you are a woman and living without your husband that means you are not acceptable in our society. I am struggling with this everyday, it's like a war and it will be a pleasure if I win.

LP4Y and Care4change is going to be one dynamic gift for the community in Bhashantek. It will definitely have one good impact on society for sure.

As I already said my passion is to write and one of my biggest dream would be to publish one book about women empowerment. Or maybe it would be more a book about humans and humans right actually, I am still in reflection.

Thank you !


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