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My experience with LP4Y in LPC Howrah

Debajyoti Paul

co-founder of Cubic Jobs in Kolkata


Greetings from Cubic Jobs ....

First of all, Thank you so much for this opportunity to share my view regarding the experiences I had with LP4Y ( Howrah) till now. This is not only about passing a testimonial, this is also about the good experiences and knowledge I gathered from LP4Y.

"It has been a great pleasure for me to be a part of LP4Y Howrah Center as a Partner. The greetings from the Coaches and the Youths are very pleasant and overwhelming every time I meet them. It has been a great experience so far for me to see the center and learn about LP4Y's pedagogy. Both the Youths and the Coaches are very supportive and the sessions were very interactive and professional one. The concept of LP4Y of training the Youth for the Job Sector is very interesting and helpful too. As in the present scenario, having a good job is very important. But many job seekers face many problems while applying for a job. LP4Y trains them properly and works on their personality, communication, knowledge & skill sets and guide them properly so that they can land into their dream job. Being from the HR domain I hope the experiences, knowledge about the job market and mock Interviews which I have shared with the Youths has helped and guided them properly to find a right job after their session end.

I was asked to take an online mock interview session during this Covid-19 situation, where I found the Youth were very tech savvy, comfortable and professional during the whole online mock session which was very positive. The Coaches have given proper guidance about the online session which has helped me to conduct the mock interview properly.

I'm very glad that Carla & Laura invited me as a Partner and allowed me to be a part of this beautiful journey. Will love to attend more sessions in the future with the Youth and the Coaches as learning never ends. The Simple Logic which I have learned from LP4Y is

“You have to be proactive while designing your identity cum career to have a happy life”.



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