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India's first November Meetings

Jeanne Crepelle, India Country Coordinator, comes back to India's first November meetings.

Jeanne Crepelle, Country coordinator , LPC Chennai, India

November meetings in Asia have been a great opportunity to gather all our partners from different cities and countries digitally. It enabled us to share not only LP4Y’ actions during this difficult year of crisis, but also 2021 perspectives and next steps. Partners realised their involvement’s worth (mobilisation actions, remote mock interviews, digital company visits, etc.) or got more information on how to be involved with LP4Y for the coming months.

When it comes to the Youth, these meetings were the occasion to take part in a new project. They made some videos of their centers, explained their achievements during the Covid19 crisis and shared about their resilience.

As Catalysts, it was the good time to testify that despite the current world's situation full of stress and uncertainty, many things are possible! We have to keep on going and get inspired by the Youth.

In LP4Y, we pursued our efforts to be agile, by finding new ways of working together and innovating to continue our mission for and with the Youth and their communities.

In India, we organized 6 meetings corresponding to LP4Y cities of actions: Kolkata, Delhi, Raipur, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Chennai. A lot of partners joined: institutional, corporate, philanthropic as well as external trainers, friends and people from the communities, families and everyone that could be interested in LP4Y's project.

It was a lot of work and a big challenge to organize these meetings. Nevertheless, the result was great and it was worth it. Once again, LP4Y Youth, Catalysts and Partners have shown that adaptability and innovation are the best way to move on!



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