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How do I upgrade myself during this special time?

Suraj Shaw, 21 years old, Management Step, LPC Howrah, Kolkata, India - Toto Driver

Situation in Howrah, Andul Road (main road where the center is located)

"My name is Suraj Shaw, a Youth from Howrah LPC (Life project center). I am in Howrah Program 2 .I am Production team Coordinator and my part time job is Driving Toto.

Last week on Wednesday 19th March, the situation was that the number of people on Andul Road wearing masks was about 20-25%. All the schools, ,colleges, universities even the office ,factories were closed because of this coronavirus. The population on Andul Road was becoming less and less, and now after the Government announced the lockdown, streets are empty and I stop my activity completely. Most of the people were buying Sanitizers in the shop, this is why now there is scarcity and prices are very high (from 20 to 110rs for one little sanitizer).

As a toto driver I face a lot of problems because transportation stopped so I can't drive toto .

But people have to stay home to save lives."


Sushil Thakur, 18 years old, Management Step, LPC Howrah, Kolkata, India

How to upgrade myself during this lockdown ?

Hello Everybody, my name is Sushil Thakur from LP4Y. I am in Management Step.

These days, all the countries are facing CoronaVirus (Covid-19). All schools, malls, markets, colleges, transports and also LP4Y are closed. I am feeling very sad for this lockdown due to Coronavirus. I Stay at home. I can see that all the things in the world stopped. These days I feel my home is like a jail. Not able to meet friends. No possible to talk to others.

I can say that we are all responsible for this type of situation. If everybody in this world just at least thinks about our environment and also our earth. Then we will survive on this earth. If every only 5 minutes, we take initiatives to change this world in the subject of Environment, Earth, and Health we can. Because #Togetherwecan 👍 Please don’t waste your time these days, because sometimes we wait for the holidays to upgrade ourselves. It can be a good time to develop yourself. During this time, I stay at home and learn a lot of things. I introspect myself, creating my LinkedIn account to develop my professional network, read books from inspirational people and work on my start-up idea.

So wash your hands, stay at home and use your time wisely. Thank you and take care.

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