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Bolloré x LP4Y successful integration and collaboration in the Philippines

Let's discover the two testimonies of two former Youth of Life Project 4 Youth in Philippines who had been integrated in our partner Bolloré.

First testimony : Reynalyn Salboro

I am Reynalyn Salboro, an outgoing intern at BL Asia Support Services Inc. I came from Life Project for Youth or known as LP4Y.

Reynalyn Salboro

Last April 25, 2022, I started my internship with the Human Resources and Admin Department. After that, I was assigned with Finance Department. I was quite anxious on my first day of work because it was my first time working in an office. However, things and my expectation seemed to change as days go by. When I met the employees of BL Asia Support Services, I was overjoyed and relieved because they are all approachable and kind. They’re easy to work and transact with.

Despite working in a professional setting, I was made to feel at home throughout my four months there. I also learned a lot about confidentiality, paying attention to the details in every employee file, and participating in several events. And Ms. Jean made the decision to give me an additional challenge by deciding that I would also receive training in Finance. At first, this made me anxious because I despise numbers, but the moment I started processing supplier invoices, I was relieved with the fact the things I hated and initially afraid of can be surpassed through determination. It was also a pleasure working with Ms. Jenarlyd because she was kind and patient knowing how busy she was.

This internship served as a steppingstone for me as I really wanted to land a good and decent job in the office given my working history with the manufacturing companies, and other on call jobs. I also had the pleasure of working with Ms. Jean – HR Manager, Ms. Kriselle – HR Specialist, and Ms. Jerriza – Admin Assistant throughout my internship at the HR and Admin Department because I have gained valuable knowledge from them, they never had a hesitation in providing me a close guidance so that I could grasp the procedures quickly.

I’ll be forever grateful for the opportunity that BL Asia Support Services provided me. Additionally, the staff members are incredibly kind, considerate, and helpful. Thank you for your guidance and advice. I want to make you all proud and promise to do my best with every task that will be assigned in the future.

And The good for me is this coming November 7, 2022 Blassi Absorb me that I’m the One of there employee.

Second testimony : Germilyn E. Padrid.

Good day everyone. I am Germilyn E. Padrid. I live at 1110 Laguna Ext Tondo, Manila, former youth of C4C1.

I started my OJT last August 8 handled by my Manager Venus and the one who guided me in my duties is ma'am czarisse. The first few days I was so nervous but I realized that it was a normal feeling, it is part of the journey. I was thinking if I would do my job well and if I’ll get along with my office mates. After a few weeks I enjoyed doing my tasks because everyone was approachable and nice, and the one who taught me in the workplace was amazing.

Germilyn E. Padrid

My work is managing the invoices or checking, registering invoices and also completing internal invoicing and cost posting. Does it look hard? Haha at first I was confused, because you need to go through the container to know which branch it should be registered to because there are three branches which are N08, N02 and N01. That's why you need to be extremely focused while working. In my 3 months here I learned a lot because before I didn't know the forwarding and why we needed to do them.

I was happy because people around me motivated me and they always tell me that I can do it and they didn’t treat me differently just because I am not a degree holder.

And I also want to tell you that there is no hard task when you enjoy what you do. LP4Y was such a big help to reach your goals in life because the day isn’t over yet to continue to fulfill your dreams. And I also want to say that they want me to be part of their company.

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